Thanks ~ #RPGaDAY2021 day 31

There was a time in my life when I was not on speaking terms with gratitude. Fortunately that was a long time ago now and things are much different. I could spend this post thanking RPG creators, fellow gamers, the organizers & fellow participants in RPGaDAY, and you nice people for watching and reading my thoughts.

But this blog post isn’t about that.

When somebody saves your bacon, it’s only natural to thank them, right? Well, usually it is… but not always.

In our Saturday RPG group we have played several games. One of the things that has been entertaining is that Craig and I very often bring characters to end up being at odds with one another. Not seriously, but definitely a war of egos. The bantering between Max and Bob in Star Wars and between Chace Bannon and Sammy Larson in Broken Compass has been a lot of fun.

In both cases these are people that end up saving each other on a regular basis, but I don’t think the words “thank you“ have ever been uttered. Far from being sad, this has been hilarious.

One of my favorite moments in broken compass was when Sammy saves Chace from being shot by his somewhat upset ex-girlfriend. By this time in the adventure, had saved Sammys bacon twice. After his heroic deed Sammy looks at Chace and says something like “ just to be clear we’re even now.” Without skipping a beat, Mr Bannon replies “ I saved you twice, you still owe me one.” I love these guys. You can guarantee that Max and Bob will never show gratitude either.

Sometimes being an RPG character means never having to say “thank you.” And for some characters and genres, that is exactly as it should be.

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