Mention ~ #RPGaDAY2021 day 30

Thanks, don’t mention it.

Mention is an interesting word as it can be used in terms of calling attention to somebody or something in a casual and incidental manner, or it can be a more formal citation or commendation. Ideally I would be able to mention a variety of people that have participated in RPGaDAY this year. However, things here have been busy and I haven’t had the chance or the energy to follow very many people. I’m going to reserve that for later. After all, we have 11 months to catch up. I have been listening to Anthony’s podcast (Casting Shadows/Runeslinger) and I have really enjoyed listening to Seb (Nolinquisitor). Both of those have been very entertaining & insightful.

I could mention all those I have had the chance to play with this last year. Anthony, Del, Todd, Jason, Robert, Eloy, Jose, Andre, Craig, Jim, Robin, Ron, Pedro, Logan, & Francois have all been a joy to play with. I’m glad to call most of them friends as well as fellow gamers. – (If I forgot anybody else, you are one of the cool kids too.) There are of course the kids at the library, they have been pretty fun as well.

I suppose I could mention the games I had the opportunity to play this year. Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, All For One: Regime Diabolique, Leagues of Adventure, Leagues of Cthulhu, Sky Riders of Venus, Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, Broken Compass, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, The adults have been taken over – kids to the rescue PBtA, Blue Planet, Ribbon Drive, Circle of Hands, Dark age of Man, & Mythras. I think that’s it. Fourteen games & Eleven systems. Not bad.

The games I have been reading, interested in playing, talking about, and bought are way too many to mention. and I bought some dice. I will say that Alien by free league is generating a lot of excitement in my group and is next up. I have been waiting to play that for a long time because I have promised not to read certain sections or run the game until after we play it, and I really would like to run this game. Broken compass was a heck of a lot of fun and I backed the Kickstarter because I was so enamored with it. Ubiquity still manages to be one of my favorite systems, not surprising considering that four of the games I mentioned were run with that system. I backed a few other Kickstarters, including the extraordinarily successful Avatar one. I bought that one because both of my daughters really enjoyed that show and I have to confess I found it entertaining as well. Hopefully I can get them to play it with me.

I’m sure there are many other things that I forgot to mention. I hope they forgive me.

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