#RPGaDAY2022 day 1 ~ Who would you like to introduce to RPGs?

Well, I’m back. Once again I promised myself that I would make more blog posts after last RPGaDAY, and once again I did not. So here we are. This year’s prompts are pretty cool so I am excited for it. That said, this one was a little tough.

I’m sure we’ve all had an experience where we meet somebody and think they would really love role-playing games. There are a few friends of mine that have indicated that they would like to try but we’ve never actually been able to get anything together. I’m still hopeful.

However, I think my final answer has to be my youngest daughter. Now, I can’t really exactly introduce her to role-playing games as She played a little bit of Dungeons & Dragons in college. Not very much. That said, I would love to introduce her to Games other than D&D so she could see the wide variety out there. I also believe that she would enjoy different systems more.

Short and sweet that’s my final answer.

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