#RPGaDAY2020 ~ Meet

“In the house and on the street, oh how many feet you’ll meet.”

RPG sessions are full of meetings. One of the most important is when the experience we have meets with our expectations. Sometimes we get lucky and it just happens that way, but more often we have to play with purpose and intention.

The first step in having our expectations met is to have expectations and to be able to define and express them to yourself and to others. We may start out in the RPG hobby thinking that everyone is there for the same reasons and wants the same thing. This assumption seldom lasts long as we discover that many people play differently than we do and seem to “do things wrong” from our perspective. We meet other gamers who we might like, but that we have trouble playing with.

Meeting together for a session zero helps us lay out expectations as a group and how to meet them. Sometimes we can all come to an agreement, and sometimes we need to part ways for that particular game. “Life is full of meetings and partings. That is the way of it”.

We meet together for games, and then we meet to communicate about how our expectations were met, and how they were not met. By being honest, by being willing to compromise and and talking like mature adults, we are able to meet with success.

Well met! (I hate that phrase)….

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