#RPGaDAY2020 day 17 ~ Comfort

Life can knock us around, wear away at us, and leave us battered. However, there are those things in life which can give us comfort.

I have discovered that RPGs can be a source of comfort in a few ways. There is certainly the strong impact that was made by hours spent with a particular game starting in 1981. Flipping through those books now can bring me right back to that new love affair, cranking early Rush albums and rolling dice.

There is also a certain comfort in the ability to focus on something else besides the trials and drudgery of real life. For a few hours I can leave the real world to take care of itself while we engage in an activity that I find completely immersive.

As time has gone on I have become comfortable with different games, systems, genres, people, (sometimes we become actual friends) play styles, and even methods to facilitate play with those from around the globe.

Even making videos for my YouTube channel or writing for this blog gives me a bit of comfort as it has become a small part of “what I do”.

I suppose the snacks and diet A&W I sometimes have during the game qualify as comfort food?

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