#RPGaDAY2020 day 19 ~ Tower

One of the definitions for the word tower I came across was a structure which is taller than it is wide. That instantly made me think of a phenomenon that we run into with RPGs.

Sometimes we can be compelled to examine and try a large variety of RPGs, and a number of play styles. Sometimes this is deliberate, and other times it’s a bit of gamer ADHD. Whatever the reason, we are concentrating on width rather than depth. We broaden our experiences.

However, sometimes we concentrate on a few games (or one!) to the exclusion of others. Maybe we do this out of reluctance to branch out, but perhaps we do this to focus on those games and play styles that we have found work for us. By doing this we construct a tower of proficiency and experience with these chosen RPGs.

Both situations have their benefits and drawbacks. My own path as of late has been one of exploration followed by focusing on those RPGs and ideas that I find compelling. My landscape has more than one tower, and they are all still under construction.

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