#RPGaDAY2022 day 6 ~ How would you get more people playing RPGs?

This question is interesting. It asks me how I would do it. Not how somebody else should. I don’t know why I have not been voted supreme Emperor of role-playing games but it’s probably for the best. So to steal a line from somebody else, I will think globally but act locally. That is, after all, the best any of us can do.

Thinking about the answer to Yesterdays question, I think the answer to this one becomes more obvious. Meet people where they are. I know plenty of people and we have some common interest in some sort of fiction. If not fiction as such we have common interest in certain concepts and ideas. Maybe current events or history.

I go to the movies with a friend of mine and pretty much what we watch is action. This is the kind of guy that I should ask “hey, would you like to play a game that’s kind of like these movies we watch?,” I’m sure I could use something like broken compass to emulate some of these over the top action movies.

That’s my short and simple answer. Find out what people like, offer a seat at a game like that. After all, it is what we do with our existing groups. We float ideas past each other and eventually we all agree on a genre. For the Newcomer we might as well let them experience some of their favorite things. At least that’s what I would do.

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