#RPGaDAY2022 day 5 ~ Why will they like this game?

My daughters are just shy of 30 and 27 years old. When they were younger, I really used to enjoy watching the shows they liked with them. In fact, right now, I am watching Steven Universe with my youngest daughter and it’s a fun little show to watch. Sometimes I used to find myself in the house watching SpongeBob or the Fairly Oddparents when I suddenly realized that my children were not actually home.

This is why I backed the Kickstarter for the hugely successful Avatar the last Airbender RPG. even though PBTA type games are not my favorite, I knew that I had a good chance of getting my daughters to play this game with me because of their familiarity with and love of the subject matter. The show itself has a pretty interesting story and a very compelling setting. From what I understand the RPG allows you to play in various points in the history of that world which offers a lot of possibilities.

Because my daughter is well-versed in the genre and intellectual property I don’t believe this will be a hard sell. In fact, my intuition tells me that she will actually enjoy playing in this setting. It’s not that different from when I first started playing dungeons and dragons. The game was heavily influenced by Tolkien, and I was a big fan of the hobbit and lord of the rings. It made entry into that world and “buy in” Extremely easy and I was enthusiastic about playing the game.

Build what they know, and they will come.

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