Write ~ #RPGaDAY2021 day 18

I like to write. I just don’t do it enough. This blog is proof of that. Every year I tell myself that I will continue to write entries after RPGaDAY is over, and every year it seems like I put it off and get busy with other things. But at least RPGaDAY and this hobby have inspired me to write in the first place.

The RPG hobby is full of writing. I believe that many people who never would have written novels or stories have been able to exercise their creativity by writing role playing games instead. The quality and style of the prose varies, but there are some real gems out there. Every once in a while I think to myself I would like to design and write a game or two, but I should probably start a consistent blog or something first.

A good deal of writing can and has be done about various games, the experiences we have playing them, the theories behind what is happening, and so forth. There’s always room for more. Sometimes it helps us crystallize our thoughts when we write them down. It certainly allows us to think critically and honestly when we commit to writing down our opinions and observations on paper (or the cloud).

That said, creation of games and commentary on them is only part of the writing that we do in the hobby. There is a lot of fun in the creation and writing of scenarios. These run the gamut from simple outlines of a starting situation to creation of entire worlds or underground labyrinths. It doesn’t matter if you’re like me and like them to just be a jumping off point with no actual planned sequence of events, or if you prefer something more linear and scripted, we all have the opportunity to exercise our creativity in writing during game preparation.

Maybe I’ll keep writing this blog. Who can say?

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