Found ~ #RPGaDAY2021 day 17

I recall hearing about the “feel, felt, found” method of handling objections years ago. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with sales and I am not a salesman. it went something like this: “ I know how you feel… I felt the same way… But you know what I found?”. As manipulative as that sounds to me, (being a jaded individual), there is some truth to that. Many times I have held an opinion only to discover that things were not what I thought they were once a did some investigation and experienced them for myself. I “found out“ how things actually were.

I have certainly found that many of my opinions in the RPG Hobby have changed over the past several years due to my experiences. I have found out many things that surprised me. The salient point to me is that you don’t find things out unless you actually participate in them. opinions without evidence from experience fall flat. Overall this willingness to find things out for myself has enriched my experience in the hobby. I have discovered that I like many things that I did not think I would. For the most part, I have found out what sort of experiences I like, and I have discovered how to make them much more likely.

Through the magic of the Internet and perseverance I have found my people. I’m certain that I will find some more. I continue to find new games that I want to play. More dice. More RPG bloggers, vloggers, and podcasts. More ideas for scenarios. Did I mention dice?

I continue to have the pleasure of playing to find out. Playing to find out what happens. Finding out who the characters are. Finding out what their relationships are like. Finding out what the settings and scenarios are like. Finding out how My characters react to their experiences. Discovering that others like the rewarding experience of seeing the world through the eyes of the character. I have found out the value of having a session 0 an open communication. I have discovered new techniques and many new ideas. I continue to discover more as long as I keep my eyes open and remain open minded.

Seek and ye shall find.

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