#RPGaDAY22 day 11 ~ If you could live in a game setting, where would it be?

I can’t lie, I like creature comforts. My two favorite inventions are air conditioning and indoor plumbing. i’m a fan of all of our modern conveniences and knowledge. Furthermore, I really prefer a calm and peaceful life. Adventures! Makes one late for breakfast.

It’s interesting, because this question does not ask us what kind of character we would like to be, just what setting. It’s easy to get carried away thinking that it would be awesome to be a circle knight taking matters into one’s own hands. I just don’t want to live In the brutal iron age.

I’m very fond of dystopian future and settings like hollow earth expedition, but these might not be my first choice to actually live in. Then again, if the physics generated by the system of hollow earth expedition were part of the setting then that might be kind of cool.

I think I would like to live in a setting that is essentially the modern world but with a twist. It would be hard to pick. Maybe broken rooms? Of course I would want to be one of the people who experience the emergence of unusual powers. Maybe quantum black or delta green? I like Delta green better, but if I have to live there I might choose the much happier world of quantum black where the shotguns can kill the Shoggoths and we can sleep at night knowing that we protected humanity once again.

And of course we would be sleeping in our air-conditioned homes with indoor plumbing and Wi-Fi.

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