Share ~ #RPGaDAY2021 day 24

Outside of solo Role Playing Games, RPGs are a shared activity. Even then, you can find solo RPG enthusiasts like Abraham of the Talking About Games YouTube Channel who share their passion for that facet of the hobby with us. For a hobby that is seemingly filled with introverts, we certainly interact with each other a lot.

When we are passionate about a new role playing game, we can’t help but share it with others. Besides, who are we going to play it with if we don’t expose other people to it? As we read and explore and play the game we share our insights, reactions, thoughts and experiences. Enthusiasm can become contagious, and I have found that a group of people sharing their excitement about various games can make everyone’s life richer. My bank account may be depleted due to my friends sharing games with me, but what else was I going to spend it on? Except bass guitar gear.

It’s always fun to share the enthusiasm for the RPG hobby with others who have not yet experienced it. There is always something thrilling about watching somebody else catch the bug, if even just for a session. It is a hobby that people have many misconceptions about and it is always nice to see them experience it for themselves.

Some of us choose to share our thoughts and experiences and enthusiasm with a larger group of people through videos or blog posts or podcasts or what have you. Not only has that been engaging for me to consume as a recipient, But this mutual desire to share the hobby experience with others has allowed me to form friendships with people I otherwise never would have met. In many cases it allows me to share the game experience with them as well.

That experience of an RPG session or campaign is perhaps the most important thing that we can share. We become a small group of people sharing an experience that no one else will have. At least not in the same way that we did. These shared experiences can be exciting, full of laughter, dramatic, disturbing, moving, thrilling, inspiring, and thought provoking. I’m sure you can come up with many more descriptors. While experiences such as these are worth having alone, they mean so much more when shared with others. There is always someone you can look to and say “remember when?”

Like survivors of a life changing event, we can look into each others eyes with recognition.

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