Support ~ #RPGaDAY2021

This is one of those days where I choose one of the alternate topics. Actually they’re not really alternates they’re just options. In fact I chose a completely different option for the YouTube video for today.

The word support makes me think of supporting characters. This is different than a supporting character in a literary sense. There’s a lot of talk about spotlight time in role-playing games and while I understand the sentiment it doesn’t necessarily mean that much to me. Very often I find it just as fun if not more so to play a character that supports the goals and motivations of another character. Perhaps they aren’t so much of a support as they simply aren’t the central focus. The character has their own goals and motivations but, the focus of play tends to be on someone else.

In our lights in darkness All for One campaign not only does one of our characters have a bit more of the attention placed on them and their family, but we also have the pleasure of playing each other’s lackeys which can be a real fun time. We get to have the same sort of fun when we play the sky is no limit campaign of leagues of adventure.

For me it can be very immersive and very natural to play with what amounts to real dynamics between real people the way real world relationships actually work as opposed to trying to create some sort of artificial scenario where everybody is just as important and just as Central as everybody else somehow rotating the spotlight time in just the right manner.

Supporting roles are often the most fundamental. After all, I’m a bass player. Who is more important than that?

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