#RPGaDAY2020 day 29 ~ Ride

Wanna go for a ride?

A big part of the allure of RPGs is that we can make decisions that we normally would not be able to, often in situations that we would never find ourselves in. For me, it’s important to make these choices with commitment. Of course it can be tempting to change our mind or want to make a course correction when confronted with new or unconsidered information once the character is mid stride. However, I find the choices carry more weight when we “let it ride”.

We aren’t the only one making decisions at the table. In addition to all of the players, (of which the GM is one) decisions are also made by impartial hand of fate through her muses – the dice. Many games allow for changes to be made post roll, and sometimes we can be tempted to “fudge”, but for me that negates the role that the dice play in our sessions. I find it much more satisfying to “let it ride”.

Decisions are important. We make them & the dice make them. Honor them and see where they take us. Everything’s riding on it.

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