#RPGaDAY2020 day 27 ~ Flavour

Raspberry, boysenberry, strawberry, & lemon-lime. We are lucky indeed, for in the world of RPGs, there are a multitude of flavors to savor.

Few things are as sad as someone who stops or never starts playing RPGs because they “don’t like fantasy” or because they “don’t see the point in killing everything”, or what have you. In an ice cream shoppe with a million flavors, all they can see is chocolate. Too often, they have no idea that there other flavors to choose from.

Fortunately there are countless flavors of RPG experiences to choose from. For every genre like “fantasy” or “sci fi” or “horror”, there are seemingly endless sub genres represented by different games and supported by different systems and procedures.

Further nuances in flavor are found in the culture of play of groups and in play styles supported by different games. One can play many different ways in the same sub genre, focusing on different parts of the experience. This will of course affect the genre, but that is another discussion for another time.

The bottom line is that if we get tired of one flavor we can switch to another. If we were to try to explore all of the flavors, we could never get to the end of the metaphorical ice cream case. The possibilities are endless.

Whipped cream on top?

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