#RPGaDAY2020 day 5 ~ Tribute

This is not the greatest RPG in the world, this is a tribute.

I thought about this today, and I realized that we pay tribute to those who came before us in the hobby simply by playing.

Back when the hobby was new, there were people who stood alone and brought us games of different sorts with resources that we would consider laughable today. It doesn’t matter which of those games you like or don’t like, every time you play any RPG you are paying tribute to the pioneers of the hobby.

Visionaries continued, (and continue) to drive the RPG experience forward with new mechanics, new systems, new procedures, and new ideas. When we play the games they have created, or the games inspired by their ideas, we pay tribute to those who have kept the hobby vibrant and alive.

The creative forces continue to this day. People still have the drive and courage to bring us new ideas and new material, often a personal risk. When I play their games, I pay tribute to Ron Edwards, James Raggi, Paul Wiggy Wade Williams, Stephen Herron, Jeff Combos, and so many others.

It’s one thing to give accolades to the people in the hobby who have brought us so much, but talk is cheap. We give them proper tribute when we PLAY.

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