#RPGaDAY2020 day 2 ~ Change

Like death & taxes, change is inevitable. I think Rush said something about change in “Circumstances”. (That is a fun bass line to play by the way).

I have found that in the RPG experience, a seemingly small change can have a big effect. Sometimes we like the new experience, and sometimes we don’t, but the reality is the experience at the RPG table is a complex organism, and the parts all interact.

How about if we have Alex GM a game? Or anybody besides Bob?

What if we try to have an in character experience? What if we switch to a “writer’s room” method and all have input on what the current situation looks like, with no intention of in character play?

What if we play a campaign where we rotate GM’s?

How about we play a different game? One with a system completely different than what we are used to?

What happens when we play with different people? What happens when we add or subtract someone from the mix?

I could go on and on, and you probably could too. The point is that there. Is an entire world of discovery out there for us if we are willing to move outside of our comfort zone and try different games, different techniques, different approaches to the RPG experience.

There is no pain in change, only in our resistance to it.

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