#RPGaDAY2019 ~ Unique

If you believe Barney the dinosaur, each of us is special. Does that make us unique? Special snowflakes?

In my video for today I mention that every session by default is unique. It’s never going to happen quite that way again. That group of people, on that night, playing that session, playing that game, in that way… You get the idea.

However, it’s comforting to know that we aren’t as unique as we think we are. This hobby is so broad and so vast, there are so many different expectations and intentions for play, there are so many different games to choose from and experiences to be had, that it can become easy to despair of ever finding a group of like-minded individuals. People who are after the same kind of experience that we are.

The Internet can be a lot of things, and it can certainly be divisive, but it can also bring us together. It has been my experience that casting a wider net, being willing to have in depth & civil conversations with other gamers, and by learning and adopting a language to talk about RPGs, our expectations and our intentions, That I have been able to find others to share a similar set of criteria for what makes an ideal experience. (That was a really long sentence that would make an English teacher cringe).

At the end of the day that means that there are people out there that want the same experience that we do. We aren’t terminally unique. ~ Once we find them? Then we can have the joy of getting together to create… Unique experiences.

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