#RPGaDAY 2018 ~ Day 26

Your gaming ambition for the next year.

The last two Decembers I have made RPG resolution videos. I actually accomplished everything I set out to do in 2017 that I had listed in the video I made on December 7th 2016. I don’t think I’m going to accomplish everything I listed for 2018, but that’s OK, it was an optimistic list.

Nothing in this question specified “calendar year”, (or fiscal year, sidereal year, synodic year, or even year of jubilee), so I’m going with the idea of RPGaDAY to RPGaDAY. ~ The reader on my iPhone pronounce this “Rup-GA-day” which gives no end of mirth. (I’m partial to “Karen” with the lovely Australian accent).

I thought about mentioning specific games. Sure, Broken Rooms & Circle of Hands are on my list to play, as is really learning the ins & outs of the FFG Narrative Dice system in Star Wars & Genesys. ~ However, I think of those more as goals rather than ambitions.

One ambition I have is to improve my GM skills. ~ I’ve noticed that I’m less fluid than I’d like to be. Maybe I’m rusty, & maybe I just notice my deficits more. Being exposed to a lot of new GMs has shown me areas where I can improve and branch out. In many ways, I still feel as though I’m finding my voice.

I’d also like to improve my study habits in terms of how I read & learn games. ~ I’ve mentioned in the past that reading & concentration have become very difficult for me. Learning a new game can often be very frustrating. I believe that some of this is due to my approach & even a lack of discipline. This is something I would like to work on.

I’d also really like to continue exploring different game experiences & seeing which ones really feel the most like “home” to me. ~ I’ve noticed that some of the RPG experiences I like or gravitate towards are somewhat contradictory, & I find that intriguing. In many ways they seem to be explorations of different facets of myself. I have found that I get much more out of this hobby than I previously imagined, & I’d like to continue to examine that.

It is amusing that none of the three ambitions I mentioned are easily measured in any quantifiable way, So I’ll throw in one that is (sort of). ~ I’d still really like to start a small group of local gamers that are as compatible with me as the people that I play with online, (or at least open minded enough to try some different games than the mainstream).

So many games & experiences, so little time…

2 thoughts on “#RPGaDAY 2018 ~ Day 26

  1. I’m similar in loving games that are wildly different from each other, that provide a different emphasis that I’d like to explore/experience more. Many years ago I changed how I ask my players what type of game they’d like to play to also asking what experience or character arc they’d like to experiment with; with a few people it radically altered their approach to character design; of course a few others kind of did that already without expressing it.

    hmm, better to leave comments here or on Youtube? Pesky multi-platform dilemmas 😉


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