#RPGaDAY 2018 ~ Day 11

Wildest Character Name?

After yesterday’s question, I’m ready for some light and fluffy ones. ~ The trouble with questions like the “wild” ones for days 11 & 12 is that they’re like inside jokes or talking about a campaign. Those who were involved tend to find it interesting, while most other people smile politely and wait for a subject change. I thought about answering an alternate question, but so far none of them have really jumped out at me.

I have a confession. ~ I like stupid character names. Unlike some of my friends who shall remain nameless (cough, Anthony, cough, Jason), I get a broad grin when a character or NPC has a ridiculous name.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a serious tone just as much as them. Sure, a fun lighthearted game is great for a while, but it’s not my favorite way to play. However, even in a game with gravitas thicker than molasses, I love a name that is a bit off, even if it’s a reference not many will catch.

I suppose part of that is from my old 1981 D&D roots, where everybody had a character with a goofy name. Hell, we learned that from Gary & Co. I recall that my friend Jim  (or was it Tom?) brought “Capstan Dolby” to the table right around the time I was playing “Leviticus Strauss” (we called him Levi for short).

I think that there is another reason that strange PC and NPC names come out. Well, two reasons. ~ First, I’m terrible at coming up with names. Especially names appropriate for a location or period. An British name suitable for 1895? Ringo? Forget fantasy or science fiction names. Gregnak? Zv’varvedd? Jo-Jo MaGoo? And well, that ushers in the second reason. It’s a circus in between my ears. Protective gear is required. The oddest things go through my head and next thing you know I’m naming someone “Gelding the Clumsy” or “Penelope Featherbottom”. ~ (Yes those are real NPC names).

I’ve been pretty well behaved lately when it comes to naming my characters (mostly). ~ Back in 2010-2012 There was Brother Warner (a short lived cleric who was loony toons crazy), Echinacea Lupus Tularemia (AKA Lupus Gangrene), and my Fighter in Greyhawk, Aprax Ia, who spoke much better than you would think.

However, my vote is going to have to go to another player’s character.  Francois Letarte’s character Alphonse Ruolt’s better known moniker of “Brisecoeur” (heartbreaker) still makes me smile every time we play. The fact that his portrayal of this larger than life womanizing bon vivant lives up to the name just adds to the mirth that this character instills in me every time we have the fortune to run across him. ~ David Lee Roth wishes he was that cool.

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